Rent A Facility

To Reserve a Rental Facility

Contact Jackie Tortomasi (facilities coordinator),  at the Hoover Recreation Center, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. You may also contact her at 205-444-7781 to reserve any of the facilities listed below.

Rental payments are due within five (5) business days of booking reservation.

All rental facilities require a $100 key / security deposit preferably in the form of a personal check. All rentals must be made to Hoover residents only. Business, political, and religious functions, indoor smoking, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted within Hoover Recreation and Rental Facilities. We do not offer any meeting space.

Available Facilities

  • Howard Lake House
    300 Municipal Lane
    Capacity: 30-40 guests
    $200 / 4 hours
    $390 / Up to 8 hours
  • Must be a Hoover resident to reserve
  • (At least one month notice required)


Veterans Park Pavilions

    4800 Valleydale Road rents to Hoover and Shelby County residents only.

    Modern Pavilion (next to restrooms)
    Capacity: up to 60 guests
    $80/ 4 hours
    $150/ 8 hours
    $100 Security Deposit
    At least a two week notice for reservation

    Traditional Pavilion (Barn) Next to Volleyball Courts
    Capacity: up to 80 guests
    $80/ 4 hours
    $150/ 8 hours
    $100 Security Deposit
    At least a two week notice for reservations 

Veterans Park Volleyball Courts
Three courts available
$25 per hour per court

Additional Information for the above rentals:

*Veterans Park is open from sun up to sun down.
*At least two weeks' notice needed for pavilion rentals.
*Rentals fees can be paid with cash, personal check or credit card.
Preferred method of payment for security deposit is with a personal check which will be shredded if not needed.