Leaf Collection Information

Waste Services of Alabama (Santek) and the City have reviewed our Leaf Collection process and made a few changes for the 2017/18 Leaf Collection season.
Leaf Collection Schedule with image of leaf collector with rake
We are moving from (6) Zones to (3) Zones with the same four pick up times except we are staying in each Zone for two weeks instead of one. Please continue to rake leaves to the curb the day before the first beginning scheduled day in each zone.Refer to the new Leaf Schedule on this site for your Zone locations. Please follow these helpful suggestions for safe and sucessful leaf collection:

  • Make sure there are no twigs, branches, rocks, bricks, bags or other items in your leaves that could create an obstruction in the vacuum hose of the leaf collection trucks. Place large trash items at curb for the knuckle-boom truck to collect.
  • Do not use your recycle bin for yard debris.
  • All loose leaves should be stored in containers or bags until your pickup time. Please do not leave loose leaves at curb to blow into storm drains or neighbors yards.
  • Pile leaves away from storm drain openings and storm drain lids, fire hydrants, mailboxes, utility wire and other equipment.
  • Make sure vehicles are not parked near your leaf piles.
  • Leaf pile should not extend further than four feet from the curb or asphalt. The leaf collection truck's vacuum hose cannot reach leaves that are further away.
  • Bagged leaves will be collected at the curb with your regular garbage collection. If you have more than 10 bags of leaves, please call or submit request through My Hoover Connect to arrange for pickup or call 205-444-7543.

NOTE: The scheduled collection dates could be delayed due to rain or snow. The machines will not be able to vacuum heavy leaves. Please be patient during this time. We will try to get back on schedule as quickly as possible.