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Business License and Tax Forms

  1. Activation Of Jurisdiction Account Number, Information Form

    This form is to collect information needed to open a license account with the City of Hoover. This is needed to generate the JDA... More…


  1. Add Event to Calendar Form
  2. SEC Technology Request Form

    Please complete this form to let us know how to best meet your technology needs during the SEC Baseball Tournament. This form should be... More…

  1. Event Request Form

Parks & Recreation

  1. Facilities Rental - Veterans Park & Howard Lakehouse

    Complete this form after you have contacted Jackie Tortomasi at 205-444-7781 to make sure your dates are available.

  1. Swim Lesson Evaluation

    If you have a child in Hoover Parks & Recreation's Swim Lesson program please fill this form out at the conclusion on each session.